Tips and taxes

Things to know about tipping and taxes in London.

Tips in taxi: cabs and minicabs

If your taxi fare is, for example, £7.30, round it up to £8. If you are taking a taxi from Heathrow or Gatwick airport, it is customary to add 10% tip.

Tipping in London restaurants

Please check carefully if service charge is already included in your bill. If it is not, it makes sense to add 10-12% to your bill.


If a porter is helping you with the bags, please give him £1 or £2.


20% VAT tax has to be included in all your bills. Unlike the United States, where prices are often displayed without a sales tax, price tags in London will already include applicable taxes.

When you book a hotel, please double-check if 20% VAT is included, as it may be displayed separately.