Royal Opera and Ballet

The Royal Opera House in London is one of the most advanced theaters in the world. Home to The Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet, they are the masters of blending the classics with 21st century art and trends. When you go to The Royal Opera House in London, you can be sure it will be a performance to remember.

The Royal Opera House season is split into 4 parts: autumn, winter, spring and summer. Unlike most opera houses in the world, there are performances in summer.

Here is some inspiration from The Royal Opera House video channel.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - The Caterpillar (The Royal Ballet)

La Bohème - Act IV Finale (Dmytro Popov and Maija Kovalevska, The Royal Opera)

To see The Royal Opera House repertoire, and to buy tickets online, please visit The Royal Opera House website. They have a cool feature - not only you can choose your seat, but you can also see online how the stage will be seen from the seat of your choice.

The Royal Opera House is located in the heart of Covent Garden in London. Arrive early and make it your special Covent Garden day - start by exploring the area, with the historic Covent Garden market, numerous restaurants and little shops, performances at the square right between the Royal Opera House building and the entrance to the Covent Garden Market, and then head for one of the most famous opera houses in the world.

You might also consider a backstage tour at The Royal Opera House. Learn more and book online.

There are multiple restaurant and bar options at The Royal Opera House: enjoy tea, or have a glass of champagne to complete your experience. Learn more about the dining options at The Opera.