How can I contact you if I have questions?

The fastest way is to send an email: info@london-online.info. We will get back to you no longer than in 24 hours, but usually much sooner. In most cases we respond almost immediately.

Or call us at + 44 203 095 4748 or +1 201 360-9962.

I purchased a ticket online. What's next?

You will receive two emails: email #1 - confirmation that your order has been received. Email # 2 will contain your confirmation voucher.

Your voucher (a file in .pdf format attached to an email) must be exchanged for tickets at the theater's box office. Please present a photo ID of the person whose name you listed when purchasing tickets online and make sure the name on the ID and on the voucher is the same. Tickets should be redeemed on the day of the performance, but not later than 1 hour before a show starts.

I have not received the confirmation voucher, what do I do?

Be sure to email support at info@london-online.info and include your name, email address, number of tickets, and the name of the show you purchased a ticket for. You will receive a response no later than in 24 hours. Please also include your phone number. Or call us at: + 44 203 095 4748 or +1 201 360 9962.

I am already in London and I can not print out the voucher at the hotel. Can I still buy tickets online for a show?

Yes. If you are in London, and you can not print out a voucher, you can still buy a ticket online. You need to wait until you receive confirmation voucher for your purchase, but you don’t need to print it out. To redeem your tickets at the theater's box office it is enough to provide a photo ID of the person whose name you entered when purchasing tickets online and have a copy of the voucher on your mobile device.

Why do I need to present a photo ID/passport at the theater?

This is a way to prevent fraud - thousands of tickets are sold online every day. Therefore it is very important not to make a mistake in name spelling during booking. Name on the photo ID presented at the theater must fully match the first and the last name that was included when purchasing tickets online.

What if my credit card is declined?

If your card was declined, you will be notified about it, with the possible cause of failure (e.g., insufficient funds on the card, or it is not activated for online payments, the card has not passed a safety check etc.). Try to correct an error (if necessary, update your account information, call your bank and enable online payments etc.), or use another card. If the card is rejected, your account will not be charged.

Can I refuse from the ticket and get a refund?

All ticket sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges. Please check your order carefully to make sure there are no mistakes.

What is the dress code in a London theater?

As such, there is no formal dress code for the London theaters. However, this is the theater, so please wear smart casual clothes.

Where else can I buy tickets for a West End show?

Many sites sell tickets for musicals, but be careful and wary of online scams. Buy your tickets only on large sites that do not look suspicious. There is also a TKTS at Leicester Square in London, where you can purchase discounted tickets for some shows on the day of the performance. The only disadvantage of such purchase is a very long line, where you can spend several hours.